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The Grit Foundation, Inc.

We are a Non-Profit Company with a mission to be a catalyst for providing training, programming and mentoring services in the business ecosystem through our system of GRIT Hubs.

Our duty is to empower community members and small businesses to actively participate in the local supply chain through collaborations with academia, business and government partners using modern technology and innovation.

What We Do

Workshops and Programs

Programs & Workshops

Fueling a wholly inclusive economy empowering our communities to meet the demands of the digital age. More ›

Entrepreneurship Incubation

SME & Entrepreneurship Incubation

Tailored workshops, networking, online learning and hands-on mentorship for accelerating business growth. More ›

About our coworking spaces

Coworking & Digital Fabrication Spaces

Modern, sleek and creative spaces fostering collaboration and productivity so that you can work without distraction. More ›

We strive for wholistic change at every level of the economy.

Our core values of: Collaboration, Equality, Responsibility, Entrepreneurial Ethic, Innovation and a Giving Spirit not only bind us, but guide us.

Small Business & Entrepreneur Incubator

Our Incubator is custom designed for Small to Medium Enterprises to help grow digital skills, refine or create an online business model through masterclasses, workshops, events and direct coaching.

White Paper: Business Incubators: The Missing Link to Small Business Survival ›

SME Coaching

SME Digital Transformation & Coaching

The Small to Medium Enterprises in South Africa are the backbone of its economy. SMEs have the ability to quickly adapt to new innovative tools and competencies to propel sector growth. Our goal is to coach and provide tools and information platforms to increase productivity and innovation.

White Paper: 7 Trends Driving SMEs’ Digital Transformation ›
Digital Skills

Digital Skills & Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeships and Skills training will fill the immediate needs of employers in an ever increasing digital economy. From CompTIA A+ and Mac Circuitry Certifications, to various scripting Languages, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and OS Certifications we will thoroughly equip the next digital workforce.

White Paper: Western Cape Digital Skills Shared Agenda for Action ›
FabLab Innovation

FabLab Innovation Centre

Disruptive Technologies like "Additive Manufacturing" or 3D Printing, paired with the sharp removal of its price barrier, allows young entrepreneurs to enter previously closed markets. Our Digital Fabrication Lab (FabLab) will assist in product development, rapid tooling and prototyping as well as learning new business models.

White Paper: The Effect of 3D Printing Technologies on Entrepreneurship ›

...And more bespoke programs to meet your industry needs

Our programs, conferences and talks from world renown industry professionals will help drive you and your company to the next level.

Programs, Workshops & STEM

Our communities need new tools and information to build and navigate the future. Our Programs and Workshops are meant to get us ahead of the challenges and trends of an ever changing economic environment.

White Paper: Driving the Sustainability of Production Systems with Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation ›


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

We are a partner in science, technology and industrial learning to supplement the inadequate number of teachers skilled to educate in these areas. We will promote STEM careers, and teach short courses as well as create fun STEM based science events.

White Paper: Engineering education, development and growth in Africa ›

LEGO® STEM Learning

The LEGO® Foundation released a report stating that STEM learning through play holistically enhances a learner's social, emotional, physical and creative skills. Through LEGO® STEM our goal is to eliminate the idea of "Hard" math and science through fun and curious play using LEGO® STEM Toys in Grade R-12 schools.

White Paper: LEGO® Education - The unrealized potential of learning through play at school ›
Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology

Agriculture 4.0 uses operational technology such as robots, Internet of Things (IoT) and GPS. This technology allows farms to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Through AgriTech we aim to innovate and assist in modernizing the Garden Route's farms, thereby broadening their supply chain and viability.

White Paper: The Game-Changing Technologies of Agriculture 4.0 ›
Agricultural Technology

Short-Term Rental & Tourism Technology

Disruptive Technologies such as Short Term Rentals and IoT has made touchless rentals and tourism more and more popular. Our Tourism Technology program aims to bring technological know how, techniques and ways to lessen the overhead burden to the small tourism business that make up one of the largest sectors in the Garden Route.

White Paper: The Global Short Term Rental Tech Report ›
Roblox Proggrams

Roblox® Game Engineering

Gamification is a powerful vehicle for learning. Our goal is to have introductory workshops on development and design using the popular Roblox® education platform amongst others. We will use our Gaming Center to teach students of all ages computer science, digital citizenship, entrepreneurship, competition and fair play.

White Paper: The Effect of Challenge-Based Gamification on Learning ›

Code & Enterprise Hackathons

Hackathons help break through the barriers of a stale "business as usual" culture into creative disruption and intense innovation. Our 1-3 day Hackathon events will not only solve technical problems, and deliver new innovative software and hardware, but will accelerate organizational digitization strategies and improve customer processes.

White Paper: Demystifying The Hackathon ›

Coworking Office & Event Spaces

Fully furnished and modern coworking and meeting spaces to inspire creativity and promote cluster collaboration. Our spaces will provide a productive and secure work environment giving you the opportunity to network with like minded people.

White Paper: Harnessing the Power of Coworking ›     White Paper: COVID-19 and The Future of Coworking ›


Fast ultra 1,000 Mbps Fiber. Audio, Video and Podcasting Equipment. Charging Stations.

conference rooms

Modern Conference Rooms, Meeting & Board Rooms and Focus Rooms. Café area with open tables and booths for collaboration.


FabLabs Network. 3D Printer. Laser Cutter. Vinyl cutter. 3D scanner. Thermoforming machine. CNC Milling Machine.


Accessible to public transport. Safe metro area where all patrons will feel comfortable and inspire creativity.


Child Daycare & Digital Playroom and youth services for business minded families who need support.

mac repair

Free Apprenticeship procured PC & Mac repair and IT service. Client just has to pay for parts.


Security and controlled access. Cleaning and maintenance services. Contingency for electricity failure.

office facilities

Full Cafe and eatery. Copying, faxing, printing and scanning facilities. Reception & Mail Services.

office space